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cHris riLeY

Chris is an ecclectic self taught artist from the NWT

whose resourcefull mother helped to define her fierce independence

and DIY attitude.

She studies the works of the great masters, post impressionists and

20th century contemporary artists.

" My work comes from exploring the materials fully and pushing

and challenging myself to build layers upon layers of textures and

lost and found lines and colors. I love the little surprises that reveal

themselves differently each time you look at a painting.

I'm naturally and intensely curious so I'm constantly trying new methods

and applying them with life experiences which starts the story and the journy.

I love when the viewer has a similar or fresh experience with my work and my hope is it

continues long after it leaves the studio."

In a sense being selftaught for me, means having a philosophy of open mindedness and the freedom

to explore many ideas and paths. I will have to live for a hundred years !To get out the work

that burns in me and another hundred for what I haven't discovered yet."

I truly believe the only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves.

To quote Robert Burridge " Risk-taking is hard and worth it othewise it

would be called "easy-way taking and everyone could do it.

Chris is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Arttists and Night of Artists

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