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R A G -Times Coming

Welcome to my WILD SIDE .........

.....and blog for the shiny brand new RILEY ART GROTTO Studio Gallery. This is the debut post of the RAG TIMES which we have affectionately named our Newsletter for the RILEY ART GROTTO.

We are full steam ahead converting our 2 Car Garage next to our 100 year old heritage home into a fabulous art Space and Gallery I always dreamt of. The idea garden is in full bloom and although we know we can't do everything we dream up all at once, we do understand it's going to evolve and take on a life of it's own anyway. We intend to close for at least part of the winter so we can Snow bird on South to sail the Caribbean Seas and collect even more adventure to share with friends of the RAG Times.

I initially had written what was an attempt at a brief history of our coming about but it got lengthy and I didn't want to bore everyone on the first pass and lose sight of the goal. To introduce you to and hopefully build feverish anticipation for the opening of the RILEY ART GROTTO ... STUDIO GALLERY IN THE GROVE.

Too much? OK. somewhere between eager and a healthy curiosity will do.

So I'll try to be brief. Im not a writer. Im a painter and a mixed media experimental artist who will try almost anything that happens to catch my fancy and peak my juices and get my hands all messy. Admittedly with my curious mind that happens a lot. I may have focus issues but there is just so much beauty and wonderful wacky ways of expression. I just want to absorb it all and stew it around in my chaotic mind and try and make something beautiful to share.

As with most of us over 50, I've had some challenges and set backs but I persevere with chronic positivity,. Adjust, reset and with renewed enthusiasm try to put some of these ideas into form and get shit done.

I would like to present a gallery that is a platform for a plethora of ideas and visual sensations. I hope for it to be more than an art gallery but a destination and a gateway for a new art experience. Not only will it have my own works to show and sell but also we will carefully and possibly carelessly bring in other artists whose work I adore to show a diversity of works that make me tingle and introduce visitors of The Riley Art Grotto to a new art experience.

So please email me if you want to subscribe to the RAG Times and keep apprised as we become and then evolve and grow. Your support is so very much appreciated.

Our Opening Date for Business is Noon to 6 pm Saturday August 5th, It'll be a soft opening and later To be Announced, the Grand Opening once we've worked out a few kinks and things we probably haven't even thought of. yet Then, we'll have a party and if you're been to the R and R ART Barn out here for our house concerts you know.. It's memorable and delicious and can get a little nutty.

So, until next Times.... Go. See some art... Really Look. and keep an open heart.

Blue Daisy art Photo by Bernadette McCormack. Thanks for your friendship and permission.

Chris Riley

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