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Sad to report last Sunday July 9th after a successful Whyte Ave Art Walk my car was taken from my driveway along with my entire Art show set up, 37 pieces of original art, limited prints, racks, and various bins, tools etc. I am devastated as you can imagine and am scouring the local chat rooms and such in Spruce Grove area and Edmonton to keep an ear to the ground.

The car was found, trashed, 3 days later with nothing inside. So just 3 weeks till my gallery opening and Im scrambling to balance time between searching for the work, making more and building out my gallery for the August 5th opening date. Please contact Police if you see anything suspiciously looking like my art. I just hope it's in tact and at the least, being appreciated for it's value and perhaps even returned one day. A few of the stolen pieces. Visit my art page of Facebook to see more. Chris Riley Art

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