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If it's not in my face

Despite my best intentions to keep a regular account of my art life. I find too often that other things distract, I procrastinate and ultimately I just pay attention to whatever is in my face. My life is a bit chaotic. We built the Grotto last summer. 40 original paintings were in my car when it was stolen and not a single one was recovered. I opened the gallery despite having on a few pieces thanks to my beautitul artist friends who helped fill the space with their beautfiul work.. and then...Hurricane season. We have a sailboat in Florida, which is our winter home when we can get there and she was in the direct path of Maria and Irma. We were glued to the TV watching our favourite islands in the Caribbean get flattened. Just months before we were on our way to find a summer/hurricane hold for her in Puerto Rico or the BVI. Circumstances sent us back up the coast to Tampa where she was perfectly protected as it happened.

All that is to tell you that for some reason..the theft.. the hurricanes..our horses, Wheaton Terriers who we adore, and preparing our home for the birth of my nieces first baby as they moved into my house to house sit for us while we went back to Florida, well.. blogging took a far back seat. Here is my attempt to revitalize what I hope to become a habit. Along with daily painting. and exercise, if Im to lay it all out there. Doesn'

t seem like a lot to ask of myself unless you consider we are completely transient at this point. Wifi is not always available but I love a good challenge.

Once again, about to stow the boat for hurricane season and load ourselves and our bikes and my portable studio on the bus ( Holiday Rambler) and make our way back to Canada since the snow has finally stopped falling.

We fell in love with the St Petersburg vibe, the Dali Museum, a segway tour and quickly grabbed a mooring ball in the Municipal harbour so we could ride our bikes around the city or just picnic and sketch on the shore while feeding the super friendly squirrels. All that inspired me to finally put paint to canvas in a meaningful way, even though I have filled my travel moleskine.

In the mean time, I've been doing some little paintings that have been fun as hell and I feel compelled to share. They are tiny reflections of our time ( and friends of ours) on or near the ocean and I've been particularly enchanted with the glittery Sea diamonds and the sillouettes cast in the setting sun. I'm in love the drama and beauty of being on the ocean and as we prepare to depart, Im full of hope that I can hold on to this momentum and keep the creative fires burning. When you are travelling, many things can derail studio time. All I can do is work on it. Wish me luck.

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